What do you need to know about the early years?

December 1, 2020

Young babies

Birth to 6 months

Every new baby is a miracle. As new parents, you may feel many emotions at the same time ( eg: happy, confused, and exhausted) Be patient. You’re learning a lot. You and your baby are getting to know each other. Give your baby your time, love, and attention. Trust your instincts and ask for help when you need it.

Older babies

6 to 12 months

The time when your baby is 6 to 12 months old is a source of wonder. At 6 months old, your baby is still completely dependent on you. He‘s also becoming his own person and starting to explore the world around him. Your relationship with your baby changes as he becomes more mobile and learns to express himself. By the time he’s 12 months old, he may be walking, swaying to the music, and saying a few words like bye-bye.


1 and 2 years old

Children this age are called toddlers because they toddle – walk and move – with growing confidence and skill. Toddlers always seem to be running, jumping, and climbing. They’re bundles of energy and emotion They are starting to question everything around them. You’ll need to set limits. What they want to do and what they can do are not always the same,.


3 and 4 years old

Preschoolers live life to the fullest. Your child is getting more independent every day. He is getting better at thinking about what might happen when he does things. He still needs you to help him learn what is and isn’t okay for him to do. As a parent, you need to continue to make sure that the world around him is safe

Young children

5 years olds

Your 5 years old child is meeting ng more people and going to new places. As she starts kindergarten and forms new relationships, she will learn more about getting along with others. She will begin to feel more comfortable and confident on her own, with other children, and in new places. As she explores further from home she will still need your loving reassurance when she comes back to you with new thoughts and questions.

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